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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4:18PM - What it takes.

What does it take to see others around you as competition instead of colleagues? To see others as stepping stones instead of friends. I'm not that kind of guy. Some days it just seems as if to get ahead you must use those you give a shit about and sleep with the devil to get anywhere. Fuck that. Sure, I have trouble staying strong. I'm human. I'm not the impervious rock that I show on the outside but I have a good vision for my life and will stop at nothing to get there. I will get there by my own hard work and dedication and no one elses tuxedo tails. Fuck that. I will achieve it or die trying. Three words... Don't get in my way. You're either with me or against me. I want to support everyone around me in whatever they do. I won't cross your line and you won't cross mine.

Current mood: annoyed

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10:48PM - A Long Time

I have not updated or been on livejournal in quite some time. So here is a rundown. I still work for Re/Max and have been far less stressed at work than in previous posts. I have an awesome dog, Charlotte, who has a ton of energy combined with separation anxiety. In the beginning when I used to crate her, she actually broke a few bars on the crate. She also can climb the fence, jump ontop of a jeep's hood and then jump on the roof (mountain goat in desguise), and out run her owner.

In other news, I am finally buying a house. It has a 6 foot privacy fence in the back, a rear deck (CRAB FEAST!), a pretty damn big yard, and needs some work. I am excited. I think we all generally have fun at my New Years party. This one will be awesome since I will have a house.

The jeep is still ugly, the monte is leaking trans fluid (so I can't take advantage of this nice weather we have had this week), the jag is still prissy, and the MG is still not tagged after two years of owning it.

Have I ever mentioned how much I do love vacations? I will be taking four this year. First I go to Ocean City on a weekend for the car cruise. The next week I go to Seattle for a week. September I will be going to Ocean City for the Realtor Convention ( This year I will not be spraining my ankle at the convention). The fourth will be a one week cruise in the Carribbean. This is an odd year. I took one week long vacation in the past 3 years and here I will be having two weeks off plus two weekends in one year. This really seems wrong, but screw it. I'm young and I should travel while I still have a functioning body.

In other words, Hi all and I am doing well.

Current mood: chipper

Saturday, September 9, 2006


So I've been working for a week now on putting electric fans on my monte. I started last sunday and worked on it thursday and friday after work, and all day today. The fucking fan controller is poorly designed. It doesn't turn on until the damn motor is running at 190 degrees. This sucks ass. I called up Jegs and they verified that it just sucks in design and made a few recommendations, all of which involve replacing the unit and running all new wire. Damnit this sucks. I spent hours on the wiring making sure everything was neat a covered. I can't fucking win. I'm just not allowed. The Jag got two flats going to the Godsmack concert (Which was fucking AWESOME btw...) and now the throttle sticks nearly every morning. I need to do a tune up on that thing and clean the throttle body, install my cd player, and change the driver side shock bushing. on the jeep I need to get new seats since the driver's side is broken, run new wire to the gas gauge, and start the body work. The MG... finish the floorpan, install carpet, detail and paint the engine, and put a dash cover on.

This sucks. I want to go back to the Godsmack concert.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

12:03AM - Coffee Talk!!

Now don't get all Vaclempted! Here's a topic, talk amongst yourselves! Once you think you have something figured out, it changes; and furthermore, timing is everything.

Sidebar - Talk about a crazy month. In September I will see Godsmack "my idols for 8+ years," Go to Ocean City for the Maryland Realtors Conference, Kris comes home for a couple days(HORRAY!!! My partner in mayhem returns), go to Aaron and Stephanie's wedding, install electric fans on the Monte, finish the MG, begin the ongoing bodywork on the Jeep, and return to Ocean City for the fall car cruise. This will indeed be an eventful, and expensive, month.

Work should be going well soon. These past two days have been well on the side jobs and my new marketing plan will begin at the end of next week. If its sucessful, I will be getting a home with my two car garage in no time. If its not then I'll just need to get more creative. You don't get anywhere sitting on the sidelines.

Current mood: thoughtful

Friday, June 23, 2006

8:37PM - Last night.

Last night was wierd. I felt like a total insomniac. I went to bed at 12 and layed there until 1:30am. It was obvious sleep just wasn't happening yet so I watch some old movie on TNT, hear my brother making a snack, and then watch a UFC fight with him. He falls asleep and now its 3am. I try to sleep again but still not happening. I sign on, do the myspace thing, ebay, car forums, and still not tired. I try again at 4am and the last time I saw the clock it was 5am. I woke up at 8. I wasn't a pleasant person to be around today but I think my mood swings got some things accomplished at work as far as putting some deals together. I knew I could just get drunk and fall asleep but I really didn't want to do that. So 5am was the answer to my problems. :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

8:48PM - This sucks ass

Ok. Once again I use this journal for bitching only. So here it goes.

Why is it that I am shit on and getting screwed in the end? First today I get in the car to be on my way to work, and it doesn't start. It cranks but doesn't fire. I though all day that it could be the starter not making contact with the flywheel. Got home from work and have been working on the car ever since. Its not the starter, not the battery terminals. The car is either not getting fuel or spark. I am friggin sick of my cars failing in the winter. I've been outside for well over 4 hours working on the jag.

I decide since I will be driving the jeep for who knows how long I should fix the wiper. I fixed the loose rivet only to have the same damn problem on that. Looks like I can't really drive that in the rain or snow now.

I spent all that damn money on getting the bearings and spindles fixed on the jag only to have the same damn irritating sound from the passenger side. I practically rebuild the jeep to own a rotted out rig with a bad paint job still requiring work. I bought an MGB as a project and find the paint friggin sucks and is peeling, a rotted floorboard, leaking windshield, and electrical issues to the point of fires.

I am sick of feeling like everything I touch turns into shit. It fucking sucks. It is frustrating. I was trying to get out of work early today originally to go to the doctors. I feel like a truck ran over my head, my eyes want to pop out of their sockets, throat is on fire, and I feel cold all the time. I couldn't do that because I had to work on the damn car. I was going to work on my financial sheets for 2005 and couldn't do that either.

Current mood: irritated

Friday, October 21, 2005

9:34PM - All in one week.

This week has been more stressful than usual with work. Worked my tail off but it's finally over and worth it. A great family got a place in a hurry and I feel accomplished. The bad part. Found out the pay was reduced. Not their fault at all. Someone elses. I'm going to see the Jag tomorrow and will likely buy it if all is well. Why not. At that price I can't get a camry or an accord, not that I would do that anyway. Damn jeep is throwing some fits again too so there is another reason. Its about damn time I do something for myself.

Kris joined my gym tonight. yay!! I finally have a workout partner. I need to get back into this because I miss the energy I had plus I could handle more without stressing out. Its so much easier when you have someone to do it with you.

Today was stressful but I got to bang some of that out at the gym. I was feeling relax, for a while. Now I don't know. I need to stop letting shit get to me and just forget about it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

6:13PM - Um...Am I nuts?

I just put a deposit down on a Jaguar XJ6. British Racing Green and a tan leather interior. Am I of sound mind and body or should I seek medical assistance?

Monday, October 10, 2005

7:36PM - news....

This weekend back home, my neighborhood was blocked off and no one could get in. Apparently it was a drive-by shooting.... I am not suprised. Time to go.

7:28PM - Fun Times

Went to Ocean City for the weekend. Christina scored the most kick-ass place. It was this huge townhouse with so much damn space. She just rocks. It rained most of the time but still a great time overall. We even had fun when chuck, christina and I walked 10 block in a friggin downpour. Lots of great cars at the inlet, and I bought lots of car shirts. Felt good to relax.

Monday, October 3, 2005

6:02PM - I dunno

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I went to the fells point festival with my brother yesterday. Found an awesome bar with a great view of the harbor. The bartender was just handing us stuff he was making. Free drinks. I think a few of those shots had vodka in it. Vodka and I have some not so great memories together. At least this time I kept my clothes on. So yeah, it didn't end well this time either. I got very sick, had a rough morning and ended up leaving the office about an hour after i got there. I came home for a two hour nap and went back to work.

Current mood: okay

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

8:55PM - Rant on dundalk and cars.

Ok, so I finally brought my MGB home. Definately living up to its name of little bastard so far. I fried an ignition wire already, I need to replace the carpet, put a dash cap on it, and put new locks on it among other things. It is missing its air cleaners which should have been their already, some paint is cracking, the front bumper is gouged what looks like by a tree branch, There is a bad leak somewhere on the drivers side which made some rust. Understatement. I have a friggin hole in my floor. Additionally it is infested with ants. Sunday I took the carpet out and used the whole can of raid on the car. They're still there, just not nearly as many.

This weekend my Monte got an exhaust leak and I couldn't figure out where it came from. Monday I look all over and find it. The passenger side muffler rotted at the tailpipe. My tailpipe is no longer connected. So decision time. Do I just spend the money for a cat back exhaust and worry about headers later or do I go with a true dual and x-pipe. If I do that I need to buy headers now and it won't pass inspection if I move out of state. If I stay with a cat back which do i get? The ATR stainless steel system, Pypes exhaust, Torque-tech? Which mufflers do I get? Damnit... I did not want to make this decision now. Plus this kinda screws my plan of going to Antietam battlefield saturday with my monte.

Jeep... Well jeep is just.. jeep. I still need to get that gas gauge to work. And well... Its just jeep. I want to get some cheap mud terrains before dave's birthday.

Dundalk... a few weeks ago a guy got in my jeep to steal my stuff which wasn't much anyway. This week the nicest old lady in the neighborhood was robbed. Today in broad daylight. Fortunately she was not home. She is in her upper 80's and still walks around everywhere and takes the bus. A few months before that, 5 houses away another person was robbed. Doubtful they were the same guy that was in my jeep but I think the two robberies are connected. I am fucking sick of dundalk...

So other than that, and still wanting that great vacation away from Baltimore.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

12:13AM - Happy beautiful Dundalk

You know, its ironic that I was just saying most of the dundalk stigma is just hype.

After a sucky ass day at work, losing a deal and working my ass off all fucking day on other shit too, I went out with kris around 9ish. I come home to find some dude rummaging through my jeep. Yeah. 2nd fucking time someone is trying to steal from me. Drunk guy, I just say get the fuck out and he leaves handing me my stuff. Mom and dad spotted him in there. Mom and I argue. She's trying to tell me that dad and I should have "held" him in there until the police come. ok. well lets see here. Dude could have had a weapon on him. Dad and I had nothing. My "attitude adjuster" is in the jeep by the passenger side. Dad is wearing socks and me in flip flops. No kicking here. WTF!! I explain to mom that was not the best decision and she wants to continue to argue. Then says why don't you have locks on your doors. Well I have a soft top. I would much rather them seal the 2 bucks of stuff I have in there, most important is a cheap ass flashlight I found in a house on N Monroe street. I would much rather lose that shit than have someone slash my 500 dollar top. And she argues. I am so fucking pissed I punch the bathroom door and break it.. oh joy... I called the police against my wishes and proceed to wait. 10 minutes pass and I call back. They say there are calls ahead of me and when a car is free the will come to me. yeah... wait in line for the police... sure. That would have worked out well if we had "held him there." fucking sure. Maybe if we beat the fucking piss out of him with the imaginary pipes in our hands and knock him out so we can bring him in ourselves. I went to go looking for the fucker with my 'tude adjuster in hand. Of course he is long gone by now. 35 minutes pass since I had call the police. Fuck this shit. I saw two cars just cruising around the street not intending to stop. I have an eviction tomorrow morning and I need to be as sharp as possible for it. I call the police back and say don't bother. I need to be sleeping and no one has came. You know, fine tax money working here. I love dundalk. I called the local precinct too right up the street. I can get there in 30 seconds in my monte. Big hurry... I fucking finished my rum so I can attempt to sleep and I am not even feeling a buzz. What a great night ahead.

Fuck this place. West inverness is disgusting now from guyway to oxley. Furthermore the bus line stops infront of my house and all kinds of shit step off that bus. I am buying a house asap and getting out of dundalk.

Current mood: pissed off

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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Current mood: blank

Sunday, February 20, 2005

12:00AM - Today

Well today was a waste of oxygen. I attempted to actually do something. I went looking for a birthday gift in two malls and gave up in disgust. Malls are seriously packed on saturdays. I've been up since 7:30am. My day off and I don't sleep in. Didn't do anything significant today either except drive around aimlessly. Last night I saw a few old friends for about an hour and was in bed early. I wish I could sleep early tonight. I've been napping off and on so I'm wide awake. I'll probably just pass out later. Tomorrow I think I might go downtown to the Imax and finally see that nascar 3D movie I've been wanting to go to for months. In the mean time, I stay drunk.

Current mood: drunk

Sunday, January 16, 2005

4:13PM - ..

Can anything go right today? Since some possible plans didn't make it today and I didn't feel like sitting around doing nothing for the enitre day I decided to work. The phone is disconnected to the person I need to reach. Ok, there goes that idea. I get in my jeep to get some pet supplies. My radio is now on the friggin fritz and cannot hold a signal in worth a damn. Then I get out of petsmart start my jeep and go about 50 feet and it dies. I push it another 30 into a parking spot and attempt to get it started and conclude I am out of gas. I put in what i have it fires and then dies soon thereafter. One hour later i now have a running jeep again. I need to fix that fucking gas gauge but I really do not want to be fucking working on a motherfucking car in the fucking cold of winter. I wasted my morning, half my afternoon, fuck around with my jeep and will likely attempt to get myself drunk again tonight. oh happy fucking day.

Current mood: pissed off

Friday, January 7, 2005

11:21PM - Update

ok. So I guess for shits and giggles I am going to update this thing I call a journal. Christmas was the usual except I didn't even congregate with the family until about 4pm. It was peaceful. New Years went okay with few mishaps. Overall most people had a good time for most of the night. I have fucking amish cinnimon bread coming out the fucking asshole. Anyone want starters and instructions? Please? I only have like six of them. Take them Damnit!!

I despise professionals who do not work efficiently. I am going to be 21 in 5 months and I can't stand some of these fucking people who are well into their 40s. I feel like the fucking kid here and some people are not working as hard for my clients as I need them to so yes, a deal 3 months in the making may not work so well unless this fellow will step up. I am pissed.

I worked 12 hours today. I got up at 5:56am to be exact and was on the road by 6:15am. Been a long day. For the last two hours of work I was practically just going through the motions and not really putting 110% into it. Sleep still sucks and can go LMB.

I just finished watching the movie "Tigerland" with Colin Ferrel (sp?) in it. Its a war movie about Vietnam. Basically its about one guy's struggle with doing things forced upon him that he does not want to do but also answers to his own morals and humanitarianizm. If that is even a word. The movie isn't really in the war but in the training period up until the platoon goes to the war. Good movie.

I am trying to drink myself to sleep tonight. My body does not seem to want to relax. My neck has been hurting yet again today, nothing new, as well as my head and practically everything else. I demand at lease one night of good sleep in the past two weeks. Unfortunately I am working tomorrow from 11am to whenever I am done my work on a saturday. Breaking my own rules again. S'ok because I have set a goal for the year and I must make exceptions from time to time to reach that goal. So yeah anyway I do not want to be waking up in the middle of the night every few hours with my back and neck pissing me off. I seem to sleep like a child when I drink, except new years. On another note I still have a bump on my head from that night. :)

I joined a gym. I plan to work out 4-5 days a week in the mornings before work. The place has a pool, weights, basketball court, bike room, squash playing, and a bar. Being as I gained 15lbs since coming to Canton only 6 months ago I figured its time to do something about it. Awesome gym and I am excited to set another good goal for myself. Also included at no extra charge is a personal trainer and nutritionist. I will probably rarely see the personal trainer but I plan to see the nutritionist.

So there is my update. Bitch about work, talk about random shit that has nothing to do with the price of eggs in china, and blah blah blah. :)

Still drinking!

Current mood: okay

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

12:45AM - Oh well

Well here at nearly 1am (well now 1:30 after talking with my brother) I finally went through my finances and got a good idea of how much I made. I'm off about 10k from what I had thought. I'm dead on what I thought at the beginning but after talking to a co-worker we figured up, roughly, 10k more. So this means no 1.32 acres of land and 2br house in lutherville. That would have been sweet though. I would have enough land to build a nice ass shop, have room for a pool eventually, and have plenty of room for my future dogs. Oh well. I'm a little dissapointed but that's alright. Now I have a good idea on what I have done and where to set my goals. They will be other deals and if not I will afford a nice house in a good area with the amount of land that I want. No need to rush.

Current mood: blah

Monday, December 6, 2004

8:19PM - Monday monday.

My jeep hates me. It refuses to idle unless I have the choke almost closed. To me this sounds like it is sucking air from where it should not. Carb mount to the intake manifold is fine, Intake manifold to motor is fine. Most of the vaccum lines are new. This makes no sense at all. I am so fucking sick of working on that jeep all the fucking time. I do not enjoy working on cars in the winter or in the dark. That jeep is treading on thin ice. If I must buy another vehicle as a daily I will and my jeep will sit in the yard for the remainder of winter. Then I will own four fucking cars. I would really hate to get rid of the jeep since I have had alot of fun with it. That jeep will go through so much snow without missing a beat and was an absolute blast mudding too. I don't want to get rid of it. It sucks when you are chasing the same problem for over a month.

On another note that transmission may be on its way out too. If it is, this would be its third re-build. I will not do another trans swap in the winter and I will not be rebuilding the same POS.

So I go to work and am so busy all friggin day beginning to end, drive home in a jeep which refuses to act normal, work on it for hours to no progress at all. Yay oh how I love mondays!

Current mood: aggravated

Saturday, December 4, 2004

4:02PM - Another saturday.

So today I get home from working about noon or shortly there after. I eat lunch, watch car shows on Spike TV, take a 20 minute nap, then take 5 more minutes out of my life to fix my exhaust leak. I am overjoyed with excitement.

On another note, for about 5 seconds at a light today, my jeep made the same ticking sounds right before my transmissions blew. If it does it again it will sit until spring and I will get another vehicle. Friggin Golding house will be looking like a scrap yard. 3 Jeeps, a 4-Runner, a Jimmy, a Monte Carlo, a MGB, and a Jet Ski.

Current mood: blah

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